Paleo for dummies

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So what is the " paleo diet" ....???

You could Google the following phrase and get loads of complicated results, with mind boggling terms that require a separate research all by themselves.

Simply Paleo is a form of a nutritional approach based on eating what our ancestors used to eat, with a notion that our bodies are genetically designed to process certain types of food , while other food groups cause deep seeded inflammation resulting in bloating and fatigue.

If the past paragraph sounds too complicated, approach paleo from a much simpler ground : MV,HF,SF,NS !!!!!!

MV: Meats and Vegetables

Yes, meats and vegetables (non starchy ones) form the base of the paleo pyramid... By meats I mean , if it was alive one day.... You can eat it, be it red meat or not. Some of my favorite examples are: Tenderloin Trimmed rib eye Chicken breasts Fish Eggs Ground turkey Salmon Tuna

And by vegetables I mean anything, yes anything... Cucumber, tomatoes, kale,spinach, cabbage, onions,lettuce.... Etc

HF: healthy Fats

The paleo diet allows you to have healthy Fats in your diet, as you may know our brains,nerves and hormones are made primarily out of fat... And removing fat from your diet isn't really a smart option... Some of the healthy fats you could use : Olive oil Coconut oil Nut and nut butters Avocado Flaxseed oil Naturally occurring fats, in your meat...

SF: Some fruit

If your sole purpose is weight loss I recommend to limit fruit intake to two servings a day, mainly around your workouts... My favorite fruits are: berries, melons and apples... However most fruits are perfectly fine.

NS: No Sugar

I'll make it simple.... If you know what sugar tastes like, you are doing it wrong... Sugar and high fructose corn syrup are the number one off the limit food... Sugar wrecks havoc in your body and it's the number one precursor to fat storage and insulin resistance...

In the next article I'll be discussing the list of the other banned foods , and later a meal plan for weight loss, meal options and transformation pictures.. Stay fit nation

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