Palmers Cocoa Butter Massage Cream for Stretch Marks - Review

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Price and Availability

This is one of the many many body and baby products that miraculously appeared in my house in the first few months I was pregnant, I have no idea who bought it for me or how much they paid, or maybe I bought it who knows. On having a quick look onine it seems to be widely available ranging in price from £2.69 and Lloyds to £3.15 at Boots and currently on offer for £2.10 in Superdrug. I didn't realise how cheap it was and that has changed my view of it a bit as it is much more affordable that I thought.


The Packaging is pretty old fashioned looking to be honest but it is definitely recognisable as a Palmers product so I guess it would be silly to change it too much. These can be bought in a box or not, mine wasn't in a box but it is the same product. It is a white bottle with a pump action dispenser on the top. It has a palmers Cocoa butter Formula logo at the top which is orange and brown, then underneath that it says in Brown ' Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks' there is an outline image of a pregnant lady on the front as well so it is easy to tell which one it is on the shelf. 
The pump action is smooth and east to use, it dispenses at a sensible rate so you don't end up wasting any which is good.

In Use

Like I mentioned earlier I got this in the first few months I was pregnant, I used it pretty often. probably not the twice a day it recommends but I think I averaged out at about once every 2 days. By the end of my pregnancy I was so sick of the smell of it, even my bed clothes used to end up smelling like it. It is actually a nice creamy sweet smell, I loved the smell to begin with but it does get overpowering after a while. It is a tiny bit on the greesy side when you apply it but as it is such a thick moisturiser I think that is to be expected. It does sink in well and you don't need a massive amount. I didn't have any stretch marks on my hips or tummy when I started using it but I am really prone to them and I have them on my thighs, I didn't get any stretch marks on my tummy until I was 38 weeks pregnant which I think was much better than I would have done without the cream. I did get stretch marks in the last two weeks, and at the time I thought they were horrendous, but in hindsight they are not that bad especially considering I put on 3 stone. I also had really bad stretch marks on my thighs by the end as I had completely neglected to moisturise them as I was concentrating so much on my belly. 
It is really hard to say for definite how well this cream works as you can't redict how bad my stretch marks would have been without the cream but I genuinely think it helped as from past experience I would have expected a lot worse. I still use this cream and other tummy creams about 2-3 times a week and my stretch marks are slowly improving (4 moth post birth)


Overall I will give this 4 stars as I really think it does help prevent and reduce stretch marks. It is easy to use and soaks in well. It loses one star as the smell get too much after a while and it doesn't come with anything to cover up the pump so it sometimes gets dried moisturiser on the end which clogs it a little.

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This was originally posted by myself on

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