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Your personality is what conceives you

Makes you loyal, and others perceived

so make your self unique

as infact all of us are unique

create what you desire, perform what you can

make your self aware of the fact

that others can

so fight what comes in your way

and make other follow you who are lost in your way

guide other, so shall thy be rewarded

for as thou art fair

you will be considered

Do not shed blood, for its not innocence 

fight your anger in its absence

So that you are known as beloved one

the one who loves

the one who shares,

so make your personalty as beautiful

and spend your life without rush

and live it as amble

for make your personality beautiful

Written by Haider Khan

Student of Olevels

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Hello! Writing blogs is what I do,
Everyone's good is what I proove
So do not feel left out
For you are special, as its my point of view!

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