Physical fitness and Health

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Physical fitness and health are the important aspects of modern life. Due to illiteracy and lack of awareness in developing countries like Pakistan, proper emphasis is sometimes not given to these areas.

Giving proper emphasis to health means that people should be told about health issues and encouraged to take such steps that would make them more healthy. These include a positive attitude towards life, knowledge about health issues and diseases, knowledge about choosing a good doctor when you fall ill and observing precautions in life to avoid and defeat different types of dangerous diseases.

Physical fitness involves regular exercise in order to keep our body in good shape and working condition. Just as all machines need to be taken care of, so does our body require proper attention.

Sports can also provide us good exercise. For good health we have to know about things that are good or are bad for our health. A balance diet is good for our health because it provides our body with the required nutrition. We must also keep away from unhygienic food because it is bad for our health and may even cause some type of disease. Smoking and drugs are also not good for health.

We have to keep ourselves healthy and physically fit because it is the need of modern age and it is important for everyone.   

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