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My boyfriend loves Magnum Ice Cream.

Actually he had his first Magnum when he visited me years back in Singapore (tell you Magnum was not so popular back then, or maybe it still is not famous there now, i cant really tell) but its just an ordinary ice cream bar that you can get in most auntie / uncle convenience down the HDB.
One true thing about the Magnum ice cream is that it is really thick and creamy. That being a fact also means it don't melt so easily. Which gives you the best ice cream bar experience for a reasonable expense. Back in SG it costs about 2 dollar plus and here in the Philippines they give it off at 50..
I took photos of my boyfriend while indulging on Magnum Truffles and here are the outcome when i tiled it using the iphone app "shake it" (i love this app i intend to blog about it in the future).

Aren't they cute? My boyfriend loved them and when i posted it in his Facebook many of his friends liked it too.

My choice was the second pic. I think its more candid and free. And it even says 'powered by magnum'. Dont get me wrong in there, its not paid ad at all.

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