Protect Your Freedom

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Oftentimes, the criminal charges will land a military man or woman in prison. The person convicted of the crime could spend several years in jail. While in jail, you won't be able to spend time with your family, and you won't be able to support your family financially. If you're convicted of sexual assault or similar charges, you may have to go on the registry, which can further damage your chances at finding employment and make it difficult to find housing. Your information will be posted online for neighbors, so people may treat you differently. If there is any suspicious activity in your neighborhood, you may also be one of the first people questioned when they pull up the registry and see your name. This can make your life on the outside of prison feel just as confining as your time inside of prison.

You may feel that getting an attorney to represent you will upset your commanding officer or make you look guilty, but the truth of the matter is that your attorney specializing in military law in Simpsonville, SC, will protect your rights and ensure that you don't incriminate yourself in the process. Before you speak with anyone about the charges, hire an attorney that you can trust to help fight the allegations and protect your rights.