Puberty-you are not alone

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For all those pre-teens who have gone through puberty or are going through it FYI:

Almost about 87 % of the young women that live on

planet earth are going through


When you are about 8 or 9 years old someone, most likely your parents-mother or peers

told you about puberty.

You probably thought that it would be fun .

Now that you are experiencing it ,

is it FUN ?

Negative, it isn't!  Here is what happens:


  1. you grow hair in the strangest of places (armpits and private areas )
  2. you start to socialize more
  3. you will start having interest in boys
  4. you start having mood swings
  5. Your breast grows

Are you experiencing  any of these ?  Sounds like fun? Beware it isn't!

Everybody doesn't experience it at the same TIME, some may be EARLY BLOOMERS or LATECOMERS.

There is much more to discover about puberty but you will have to experience it for yourself!  But remember you were forewarned!






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my name is Melea Robest. I am 10 years old and attend Montessori Centre Primary school in St.Lucia.I love to blog about things that are funny and things that interest me .

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