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We read for two reasons-for learning and for pleasure. If we have to learn something, our reading requires more attention. If we are reading something for our enjoyment, it does not require that much of attention. We read story-books, news-paper, history-books, magazines, school-books and novels for pleasure. We read text-books for learning and increasing our knowledge. The text-books are written for deep reading. The magazines, story and novels are meant for light reading.

Examples for learning:

a). The two different objects of reading are:

Reading for learning and reading for pleasure.

b). Deep reading means paying much attention and light reading requires less attention.

c). For increasing our knowledge we read text-books and for pleasure we read novels, magazines, stories and news-papers.

d). We read text-books for learning and getting knowledge.

These require more attention.

Reading for joy does not need the help of a teacher. Books meant for such reading are easy to understand. Silent reading is of great value in reading for enjoyment. You should ask your teacher to help you in choosing interesting books are not limited to stories only. There are books on science, mathematics, geography, history and other subjects written in such an easy style that they can be enjoyed very much. But silent reading must be learnt. It means reading without any sound and without opening the lips.

Examples for reading:

a). No, reading for joy does not need the help of a teacher.

b). Books meant for reading for enjoyment are easy to understand.

c). Silent reading means reading without any sound and without opening the lips.

d). The teacher can help us in silent reading by helping us in choosing interesting books.


                                                                              Written By: Aafia Hira

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