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Reptilicus is a rubber monster pretty mediocre, even for the time the movie was produced. The abilities: It can regenerate its full body even if its been divided in pieces, each piece will regenerate the complete monster. It can grow really fast. Its special ability is throwing acid from its mouth. At a visual level, the movie is very funny due to its low quality effects. For example, Reptilicus eyes and mouth don't actually move. It can only do small movements from its thorax (from where the puppeteer can control the rubber puppet).

I don't know why, but when Reptilicus uses his special ability (throwing acid) on the people, we immediately cut to another scene. So we never get to see the damage the acid causes. Probably they didn't have budget to film that.

The plot unravels when miners find a frozen tail from what could be a prehistoric monster. The tail is brought to a laboratory where scientifics analyze the discovery. The tail gets unfrozen and starts regenerating at an alarmingly fast pace.

Watching this movie late at night, with all the lights off is a lot of fun and has stimulated me to watch more of these B-movies. They have something special that the great masterpieces don't. Recommended only for B-movie fans, and specially for those who love cheap plastic monsters!

1 / 4

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