Review: Fifty Shades of Grey Novels by EL James

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Why haven't i thought of writing about this series earlier? I don't know.. Maybe i just want to keep Christian Grey to myself?? *Swoons.. I've just read this book out of curiosity (why, i think all people do) it was (and is still) so popular in the internet and you can even watch some testimonials in YouTube. Hell i heard even Ellen Degeneres reads it. So i got mine.(why not). To cut the chase short. I got smitten*, in love with this series.

The first books is Fifty Shades of Grey, 2nd book : Fifty Shades Darker, 3rd Book: Fifty Shades Freed.

The first time ever i downed 3 books in 4 days, before, my fastest record was the House of Night 8 books which i KO in 2 weeks. Tell me about it. I am a sadist* with series. 3 in 4 days is extremely fast for me already. Because i work full time 5-6 days in a week. And i sleep regularly at least 5 hours, travel to and from work 3-4 hours a day. So do your math, the answer is still - addiction.

My favorite part is the exchanging of emails. I find it really cute and very romantic. The character of Anastasia is very cute and sexy. Her wits and personality is candid and adorable. While the character of Christian Grey is (i cant even put it into words) i guess perfect would do, although i find it lacking. How do you define a very beautiful man who can always make women around blush with just even his presence? Who dominates in Bed leaving woman submissive and wanting more, Who pampers his girl with extreme thoughtfulness and affection? Who is considered one of the wealthiest man in your country? Generously gifts thousand dollars worth of first edition books (he got me there), top of the line gadgets, cars, etc, who owns a jet (or does have a company who owns one) a chopper which he can pilot himself, a boat, vacation houses in various tourist areas in America. Who offers you the best of everything not because his money can talk but because he can? He is a fantasy come true in this series. So whats not to love? I never thought that im gonna get hooked but i was hooked before i realized that he is overly far fetched from existence. There is something about his past that is dark, and despite his strength, his controlling character depicts in the outside, he is actually lost and his inside is a very traumatized boy tainted with a very lonely past. This is where the story revolves. The series is very erotic, it is a God's die hard gift to all romantics.

Im waiting for the movie now. I'm definitely gonna watch it.I dont care if they don't show it in Philippine Cinemas. What's iTunes for after all.

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