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It's been quiet sometime since I had started saving each of the contents which I had been submitting for reviews here in bitLanders. These information has been saved on my google keep account which I had already shared with you all as a tool for me to synchronize my data both on my home pc as mobile or any device which can install the said application.

I had some revisions on these contents though. At first, I had only saved the title of the article, gallery or video then I also have saved its direct link and then also the date when it was submitted. Over time, I had learned that it is helpful to include the date that it was actually reviewed and what is the rating. That was for me to be able to track as to how many days would it take Miss Hillary to review the said content.

Aside from that, I also had learned overtime that there's a need for me to also include how many gems did I spend for that review. After adding that option, I had somehow realize how I had been spending a lot of gems for each article or content reviews. That was the time that I had decided to wait for the cost to lower down to the minimum amount which should be 10 gems.

And yes days ago, I finally got back to the lowest amount! Thanks to Google Keep for making me realize this.

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