Rosa Mystica

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Picture was taken at the "Marian Exhibit" in Balucuc, Apalit, Pampanga


The witnessing of the Virgin Mary to the title of “Rosa Mystica” happened 1947 in Montichiari in Italy by a person named Pierina Gilli. She is dressed with color violet with veil. In her grief, she falls down in the ground. Her chest is pierced with three sharp swords. The purpose of the said apparition is to reform the priesthood of that time.

On July 13, 1947, Virgin Mary appeared once again on a white dress with three roses. White, red, and gold were the color of the roses.

The Beloved Virgin explained the meaning of the three swords and three roses. The first sword relates to the loss of the Vocation of the Priest and Monks. The second sword reflects to the life of the Priest, Monks, and Nuns to sins. The third sword refers to the priest that acted as Judas of the Church.

The white rose means the Spirit of Prayer. The red rose means Spirit of Sacrifice. The gold rose means the Spirit of Penitence.

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