Roya Mahboob, In the Time100 Influential People of the World

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The great changes Roya Mahboob could bring among Afghan women made Times Magazine incorporate her on the list 100 most influential people in the world.

      Roya Mahboob owns Software Company by the name of Afghan Citadel Software Company which provides free Internet services for Afghan women in safe places. She is going to build 40 internet classroom across Afghanistan for female schools. There are 160,000 women enjoy free Internet services across Afghanistan.

      She has equipped 8 schools with free Internet classes in Herat. Besides, she has had them know how to create Film Annex, Facebook, Email, and Gmail accounts. Now, there are thousands of Afghan women connected with one another while 12 years ago they were not allowed come out of their homes. Today, they are in the society and aware of all new changes take place in Afghanistan and the world.

      Roya Mahboob has said in an Interview on Tolo news, “Of 25 people working on Afghan Citadel Software Company 18 are women and the other5 are men.”  Afghan Citadel Company is always in contact with Afghan ministries and other International organizations to help Afghan women find jobs.

      However there are hundreds of other Net Cafés across Afghanistan, Afghan women could rarely go to those places because they were unsafe for them. Today, she has built safe Net Cafés led by Afghan women for Afghan women. In addition, Afghan Citadel Company teaches them how to use the social networks, such as Film Annex, Facebook, Yahoo, and G-mail.

      Roya Mahboob could have helped Afghan women reach the real freedom of speech and democracy. Today, Afghan women post their social problems and activities through articles they write on Film Annex website.

      The whole positive activities Roya Mahboob has done for Afghan women caused Times Magazine write her name on the list of 100 most influential people of the world.


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