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    This is a blog about being sad, and how being sad is sad. What makes you sad, dead puppies, falling babies, or maybe a break up with your one true love? When people are sad I just get mad, because is there a point of being sad?

     I mean when you are sad you're not glad although the price of Glad products do make me sad. Not really a sad like someone died, also not the kind of sad that makes me cry. But the kind of sad I feel for the other guy who is buying Glad and giving into high prices, which are a sin. When we smile it is just a frown up side down, science is what taught us that. But who taught use to be sad, why cant we always be happy? Happy backwards is yppah, but that’s not a word. When I think to myself I’m always alone which makes me sad, because I’m always thinking to myself. Sometimes when I see someone sad I sit there and laugh because I am never that sad on the outside at least. Sometimes when I get sad I feel that I shouldn’t be sad because what is the point? People say it is healthy to be sad, to go throw the emotion wheel. Those people are dead so what they said doesn’t matter. What I sad could have made you mad or sad, even mad, but that was a joke do you want one, or can you not take it? People in history are very important for the people who care. I will end this post with one more thing if stuff makes you sad give your best friend and ring. Because you will make them sad as well or just annoyed them from them doing something important to listen to your overly upset life. Just take a deep breath and think about something other then a space worm eating all your family, friends, and money.


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By: Josh Presuto

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