Save the planet plea

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Save the planet

let no more disasters occur

pollution shatters the world

and we hear of yet another natural disaster

save the planet oh foolish man

live life like there is a tomorrow

reduce pollution

and plant more trees

stop deforestation

and save the seas

the planet is indeed beautiful

with so many species of birds, animals and human kind

save it for tomorrows future

and make sure it is alright


Please make sure to plant a sapling and reduce purchase of goods produced with the help of insecticides. Discourage anyone from using products or goods made from artificial stuff. Save your health because you deserve to live more. 

When you visit a person, gift some plant saplings. It is much more better than gifting packaged snacks. Plants can be grown even on window sills. 

Yesterday we had a visitor who gave us some tree saplings. I was very much impressed by their gesture. 

Please share the message and do your bit in saving the world. 


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