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Haiti's Tent Installation
Haiti's Children Homeless
Haiti Missing Children
Haiti/ Tent Installation
Haiti/ Homeless
Haiti/ Missing Children
Haiti/ Jacmel Aid
Haiti/ Cash For Work #2
Haiti/ Cash for work #1
Haiti/ Search and Rescue
Haiti/ Brazil Aid
Haiti WFP Logistics
Haiti/ Prison
Geneva/Haiti Human Rights
The UN Involvement in the Haiti Earthquake.…
Tom Osborne on the Crisis in Haiti

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Earth Quake .


The first effect of earth quake are those caused by  the earthquake shock itself .  These can be terrible .  building……

by Furqii

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PrIŋce Mʋhammad

Earthquake is a very dangerous natural disaster which occurs as a sudden shaking movement of rocks in the earth's crust. Some of the……

by Mr_Muhammad

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Earth Quake

Ali Akber

now a days we hear about for south asia earth quake too many people were die too many were injured. i request for donation for mankind……

by Sterious

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A strong earthquake with magnitude 8.1 strucked Pak-Afghan border. Different areas of KPK, Giglgit baltistan and Punjab affected due……

by Asfi

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EarthQUAKE !!!

Ahmadx Hassan

Earthquakes are usually caused when rock underground suddenly breaks along a fault. This sudden release of energy causes the seismic……

by ahmadx-hassan

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Ray Anthony Mina

History - What Did You Do Yesterday? Today?   Image source:     "What's history?" Willie asked. Willie's……

by rex_sensei

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Halabang Baybay

We all heard and read about the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that flattened Nepal recently. Three days ago, the Philippine Institute……

by AdGoggleKo

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Earthquake in Nepal

Anik Sarker

Nepal is struggling Sunday to rescue trapped victims of the earthquake and provide relief in the face of powerful aftershocks and……

by Itz-Anik

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Irving Earthquakes


Irving has now had 11 Earthquakes in 24 hours.  The number just keeps raising.  I decided to make a shirt design in relation……

by loki1982

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Nisar Ahmad

Terror, Terror! all around  As the ground shakes People scream   Buildings collapse Roads become cracked Debris everywhere……

by nisar-ahmad-1193

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True story..

Ayisha munir

   A king of your castle expansion Undertaken The king was unjust Forwards the palace was extended Even the poor……

by ayisha-munir

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the word earthquake means the place where we live and the quake means the cracks in it commonly it is known as earthquake    ……

by abidfazal

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2nd disaster


In many countries many things are destroyed by the natural disaster. No one stop this damage and no one is able to stop. They come……

by abraizsarwar

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 I’m sure that we can all relate to this situation on multiple occasions where we decide to meet up with a friend, colleague,……

by rikki-borra

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Selene Malone

 Let’s say the winter holiday season is rolling around, your family comes over and you ask your nieces, nephews, baby cousins,……

by selene-malone

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