Earthquake Hits Pakistan (Worst Of its History)

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Today on 26th October 2015 at about 2:15 pm, An Earthquake of having a reading of 8.1 according to the Government Department and 7.7 according to the American Geological Survey.......The Center of the Earthquake was located 193 meters deep inside the earth and in the north-west of Chitral......Tremors were felt in neighbouring countries of India and Afghanistan and Iran.....
It is to be noted here that in the same month of October 10 years ago the worst earthquake in the history of the country by that time had struck and had caused Thousands of casualties and huge loss to property as few cities were completely devastated and had to rebuilt....That earthquake had a value of 7.6 on rector scale.......Today's earthquake has not yet been reported to cause a huge loss......present Death toll has reached up to 10 and multiple houses and buildings have fallen to Earth......People came out of their houses and offices and began reciting the verses of Holy Quran and kept Praying to Allah Almighty for help......The Communication System has been struck badly......A large number of towers have fallen and a crisis situation is prevailing in the country as everyone wants to get informed about the well being of their friends and family members.......

Tremors were felt for about a minute and according to experts Aftershocks are also expected......Chief of army staff General Raheel Shareef has ordered all the companies to stay on standby in order to cope with any kind of Disastrous Situation
Hope All of You Remain Safe and May Allah Help us Through this time

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