Scary Movie V (2013) - Review

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I'm going to keep this as short as possible ... This film sucked!

Okay, a little more information than that - this film may have ruined the Scary Movie franchise ... It's that much of a disappointment. 

Let's start with the storyline - as with every other film in the series, this film is a parody of many good films including 'Mama', 'Inception', 'Black Swan' and 'Paranormal Activity' and that's all I can find to talk about.

For the first time, we have no appearance from Cindy Campbell (Anna Faris) and I can only assume it's because she read the script and decided she wouldn't kill her acting career - unfortunately, Charlie Sheen decided he couldn't find anything better and had a cameo appearance (again, after dying in 'Scary Movie 4') along with Lindsay Lohan. Simon Rex is back in this film, not the best thing for his career, but he probably enjoyed doing 'Scary Movie 3' and hated he'd also been killed off in 'Scary Movie 4'. Finally, fresh from 'Highschool Musical', we have Ashley Tisdale, who somehow managed to drag me from start to finish without wanting to smash my iPad, either because of her decent acting, or her astonishingly good looks.

Where the Scary Movie films make up for their generally bad acting, is in their paradoxical laughs and comic elements ... This film has no laugh out loud moments, its jokes seem strained and every time the camera pans to a scenery item (forget the word) that's supposed to be funny ... It just isn't.

Overall, a massive disappointment. Do not go and watch it, even for a massive fan of the franchise it was an effort to get to the end.

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