Secret of happy life – 90/10 (2)

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Why do you have such a boring day?

A .Is the fault of coffee?
B. Does your kid make a mistake?
C. Does it cause by the police?
D. Do you self-inflicted?

The correct answer is D.

You have not mastered the rights to 90% of your reaction. Your reaction in just five seconds has created an unfortunate day. You also may react differently. When a cup of coffee pouring, your kid crying, you would have said: "Never mind the next time you should be more careful." You gently upstairs changing clothes and carrying bag. You have to keep the baby waved to the shuttle. Kiss your spouse and go to work together. You go to the office five minutes early and cheerfully say good morning to all your colleagues. Perhaps your boss also compliments you on a day to work effectively.

Remember that your reaction is very important. Unexpected thing happened only 10%, your reaction accounts for 90%. Keep in mind and apply the 90/10 secret for everything happen during the day, you will see your life so much better.

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