Shine: Back on the Grind

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After Effects! It's good to see you again! It's been a while.

So now that I have finalised the stories conclusion to my upcoming short film Shine, I can begin animating again! I am really happy to be at this stage of production again, as it is really where you get to see your idea come to life. 

When you are writing and developing your story, you rarely have anything to show  for your work, except maybe some rough notes and words on various pieces of paper spread around your desk. It can often seem like you are getting nothing done.

Coming up with ideas is also something you are not always able to achieve. You may not feel particularly inspired or creative some days, or you can come into contact with the dreaded writer's block. With animating/filming however, you 'simply' have to turn your storyboards into moving images. It is work that has almost immediate results, which makes it very exciting and fulfilling. 

I have set myself goals of completing 1-3 animated shots per day (depending on complexity and length). This means I will soon be able to create a second draft edit, from which I will be able to assess if my story really feels complete.

As I am getting a lot more work done on the film at this time, I will be blogging and uploading behind the scenes content a lot more frequently so be sure to Subscribe so you don't miss out. 

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