Shine: First Draft Complete

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At 3:00am last night I finished rendering the last shot of the film. So after 6 weeks of animating I now have a rough edit of Shine. The reason I say rough edit is because when I look back at all of the footage as a whole, I have noticed a lot of things that need to be changed. These changes range from fixing minor animation flaws to changing parts in the story and sequencing.

Now that I have been working on the animation of this film for so long, I think I will be able to make these changes efficiently as I have learnt lots of new techniques in this process. One of the great perks of animation is that I am always able to make changes without the need to spend extra money or resources.

Once I have completed an edit I am happy with, I will be putting all of my focus into the sound design of the film. One of the difficulties in animation is that all of the sound must be created and added in, not simply just recorded at the time like in a live action film. 

In my opinion, sound design and music can make or break your film. It is often something that gets neglected even considering that sound is essentially 50% of your film. I will talk in a lot more detail about my approach to sound design in a future blog so be sure to subscribe if you are interested!

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