SHORT STORY : A Dialogue In A Closet

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The young woman with the position of the strapping, standing right in front of the large mirror in the room. He looked at closely-latched onto a similar figure of himself in the mirror. Every now and then he smiled. His lips are smeared with the pink stuff it. Then he went back to staring at his face and smiled. He looks to the side, then back, her eyes still latched onto in the mirror. He circled. After a stunned moment, sprayed perfume to her dress. Then he opened the door and went off.

In her bedroom, pungent smell the fragrance of a perfume that smells of abandonment. His bed is still scattered, blanket and pillow case was struggling. Large mirror in the right corner, stands a towering wardrobe gallant almost touching the ceiling of her bedroom. Young, shiny yellow.

"Why did he not mengambilku when opening the door it?" says the Hijab face irritated. He has not come out of the closet in that stuffy.
"Since graduating from Madrasyah, I've rarely accompany him, if he would've forgotten jasaku him? I accompany him go into the House of Koran Cik Taupik until he Khatam Al-Quran, I also always accompany him for three years at madrasyah, did I already not important anymore for him? "wailed a hijab while subjecting his face. Save his sadness.
"Ahh, never mind, Ji. No need to be too dejected. I'm also sad to see it so. Compared to you, I'm more sad again. I just get out of this dark room once a month. It was his mother who remove me "says Malay tried calming Brackets heart hijab.
"What he has forgotten lessons Madrasyah used to be that when it gets close it's obligatory nakedness ruling" Hijab continued his words.
"I guess he didn't forget it, Ji. Man it is so, he knew that it was mandatory, but nonetheless the abandonment of "clear brackets, memelankan his voice while melilik the booth next to her right.
"I'm very sad to see proved it lately, his mother also had no power to preserve their memory. I miss the times I always accompany him. Follow wherever he goes. Now I'm really losing a friend like him. I've rarely diajaknya out of this stuffy room. Although I'm out of here, I've not been paired with you again, Kur "the weeping veil, her face still downcast, his cheeks red holding ears of tears to sticking it out.
"Ha, ha, ha. What are you guys complaining, fella? "chimes in jeans length surprise Brackets that are being seriously heed the hijab.
"Thou shalt not much with us, you are frequently out of the closet this smooth thighs to accompany. Explore each step of his feet as he went out of the House. As for us, a long time ago not to diajaknya out of here. It feels like, I've been very bored in this pitch dark room. I like to accompany him as before. I'm really favored "clear brackets.
"Now the modern era, Comrade. I was a product of the moderenisme. Whereas you, outdated. Where possible you guys diajaknya again out of this place. Never mind, thank the destiny only. Friend you guys were dead, now he is my best friend. I'm also comfortable clothes worn by him "the word Jeans with a tone of pompous, chest lifted up high, her fingers stretched out ahead to underestimate the Hijab and brackets.
"Ohh, no. Memakaimu is indeed very convenient, but you never really shut down his body. It is still time you tel * njang accompanied him. What to wear but still tel * njang. Really, it is sinful "Veil lifted her chin, sharp gaze fixed to the Jeans.
"Sin, you say? Humans are now no longer calculates Sin, Comrade. Many of those who understand very well that it's stealing is sinful, but they do it anyway isn't it? Moreover, all dressed as you mentioned it, which maybe they take care of it. " Obvious Jeans.
"There is some truth in your Word, jeans. But I really don't want it to forget about me. I was a surrogate God. Memakaiku will get a reward. I too as a reliever of lust masher men out there that are ready to be pounced on. " Connect hijab.
"No ... No, anyway still a lot of women out there who menggunakanmu in their heads, but still they are more wild than women who are not menggunakanmu." Jeans countered the word hijab.
"Wait, Ji. We also often paired together, isn't it?. With him, too. " Connect the Jeans while turned toward a Long Sleeve Shirt from last silent, hear their dialogue. She smiled sweetly. Without a Word. His tongue was still tied to follow their talks while rubbing between her eyes. He was just waking up from lelapnya. His eyes still feels sticky.
"Yeah, right. But actually I'm not suitable and not come up with the two of you. Pasanganku is a Malay brackets there used to be. You both were equally covered her body. But still it's dent-dent his plastered sintal clear body, chest size still

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