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As a college student, dating isn't necessarily essential but it's bound to happen at least a few times in the college career. I have been seeing this guy unofficially and more casually for about a month now, but I will spare you from the awkward and embarassing way in which we met since I know that many people will judge me about how we met. He goes to school with me though he is two years younger than I am, but that's usually how it goes for me since I tend to go for younger guys.

He's really great and we get along really well. We are not in an official relationship or anything like that, though I think that I might ask him about it maybe this weekend or maybe I'll wait until we get back from Columbus Day break next weekend to do so. We talked about it the first night we met about how we both think this is going to someday turn into something serious and that it's more like we are "pre-dating" each other, so maybe a month or so is enough time to figure that all out. I definitely would like to be in an official relationship with him, but I just don't know what's going through his mind.

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