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So I've decided to start blogging my adventures of filmmaking  - never ever blogged in my life. It feels good to have more than 140 characters. So let me introduce myself...

I'm an english-polish-irishman, from the south east of England, currently living in Greater Manchester. I was born in 1991, and fifteen years later I was given my first camcorder. I started making all sorts of videos and uploading them to the internet, including a short video mocking Leeds United Football Club, watched by 80,000 users. My target audience has changed since.

I studied Media (Film) Production at Staffordshire University, where I was taught the ins and outs of filmmaking. And it's taken off since then. My films have won various awards, one of which is currently showing on TVs in America and India!

So what can you expect to read from my blogs? I'm in the writing stages of a drama currently set for production in 2013.  I'm also in the marketing stages of two films I've recently finished. Dawid and Dominik,  a comedy about a polish boy who goes to find the perfect woman for his father, and Pie Money, a drama about a pie factory worker who finds out his late wife was a recent lottery winner. In the next few weeks I'll be showing excerpts and behind the scenes videos from these films, before releasing later on the full film on FilmAnnex. I'll also be blogging about how the marketing and promotion is going with these films. Both films are at completely different stages so it should be a good read!

But for now, I'll start off by sharing with you all my showreel.

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Andy Salamonczyk is a short film director from South-East England. He graduated with a first class honours in Media Production from Staffordshire University, and has had films screened at Empire Leicester Square, the BFI and BAFTA HQ, and picking up several awards including Shooting People's Film of the Month award…

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