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      As the number of Social Media increases in Afghanistan, the business situation gets better and better, too. There are several social media activating in Afghanistan today. For example, Facebook, Twitter, Film Annex, Youtube, G-mail, and other media channels.

      Today, not only men are involved in business in Afghanistan, but there are lots of women involved in business. Thus, they use from the social media in order to improve their business.

The social media Afghan people are using are two kinds. First, there are some social media, such as Facebook and Youtube that Afghan business men and women post their ads on them. Second, there are some some newly established social media and Companies, such as Film Annex and Afghan Citadel Software Company paving the ground for those Afghan women suffer from being jobless and poverty.

      Afghan Citadel Software Company is linked with Afghan ministries, Afghan National Organizations, and some other International Organizations. Hence, it has provided different jobs for Afghan women across Afghanistan.

Besides, Afghan Citadel Software Company has got partnership with Film Annex  whose owner is an Italian American by the name of Francisco Rulli living in the United States of America. Film Annex website pave the ground for Afghan women to upload their movies on it, and to post their problems, achievements, and their other unsaid and unheard words through articles on Film Annex website.

      Afghan Citadel Software Company has also built about 8 Internet Classroom across Afghanistan only for women. Now, most of Afghan women are acquainted with the social media activating in Afghanistan. Besides, there are 18 women working for Afghan Citadel Software Company and earn good pays.  

      Since different Social Media have come to Afghanistan, not only Afghan women have received the real freedom of speech, but they have received different jobs through Social Media. Thus, they can help support their families and enjoy their lives with such Social Media.

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