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This is Social Media Week here in New York City, and yesterday, I spent one hour listening to four speakers in a panel about The Future of Publishing.

The panel was hosted by Salon Media Group and led by Editor in Chief, Dave Daley. The main themes discussed was the role of social media in modern journalism, and how publishers share content online. Mallorie Rosenbluth, VP of Client Services at Likeable, Kate Lewis, VP of Digital Content at Hearst Magazine, and Anthony Ha, Techcrunch writer, participated in the conversation.

From left to right: Kate Lewis, Mallorie Rosenbluth, Anthony Ha and Dave Daley.

Here are the main thoughts, ideas, and insights heard during the panel.

Build a brand-user relationship. Mentioned by Kate Lewis is the idea that brands have to develop relationship with their customers and create a community around the brand, so they become advocates for them.

Know your target audience. An excellent point was made by Mallorie Rosenbluth about knowing your audience, and simply go talk to them where they are online. If your target audience isn't on Facebook for example, then figure out on which social network they actually spend time and focus on it.

The "headline culture". This expression was introduced by Mallorie Rosenbluth when talking about how the social media generation doesn't spend much time reading articles from beginning to end, but focus on the headlines and highlights.

Engage with your audience. Anthony Ha talked about how at Techcrunch they are trying to encourage their writers not to simply share articles and headlines but actually talk to people, and engage in conversations.


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