Spend time Christmas with your family.

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I know some of us usually go to other parties or join others to have some fun this Christmas...

But why? Don't you think its more fun to spend this Christmas with your family even you only just have plenty of entertainments?

Here is some reasons why I like to spend time with my family!

  • Watching together with your family with some Movie is good!
  • We know that our mother knows best right? She might cook your Favorite food!
  • We sometimes talk all fun things together!
  • You might get your wish from now! (who knows :D)
  • Play with your sister or brother with your childhood games like (badminton, Chess, and etc.)
  • Cook together with your mom and dad for your Christmas Lunch, Dinner or even breakfast! you might become their taste tester :D
  • Spending time with makes your relationship with your family better!

You know it is really feel good to spend time with them on this very special occasion and we know that this only happens once a year!

This is the most exciting day of the year!

I hope you stay with your family to make relationship on them stronger!


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