Sudan-South Sudan Progress?

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According to UNSG Ban Ki-moon the Governments of Sudan and South Sudan have achieved significant progress in talks aimed at resolving post-independence issues, including agreements reached on the status of citizens of each State and the demarcation of the border. “Coming to an agreement on the status of nationals of each state and the demarcation of the common boundary is an important step forward and an encouraging manifestation of both parties’ spirit of cooperation and partnership.”

Outstanding Disagreement on Abyei & Oil:

Mr. Ban also welcomed the planned summit between the President of Sudan, Omar al-Bashir, and his South Sudan counterpart, Salva Kiir, to sign the agreements. He encouraged them to resolve all other outstanding matters urgently, making the compromises that will guarantee a peaceful and prosperous future for both countries. The Secretary-General congratulated the African Union’s High-Level Implementation Panel, under the leadership of former South African President Thabo Mbeki, for its tireless efforts to conclude the negotiations between the two States. Sudan and South Sudan do continue "to feud over several unresolved issues, including the delineation of the border, control of the disputed territory of Abyei, and more recently tariffs charged by Sudan on South Sudan for the use of a pipeline and port to export oil," according to the UN News Centre Release.

What About Darfur & ICC Indictments/Arrest Warrants?

Also, it is worthy to inquire as where Darfur fits into the UN's perspective and the indictment and outstanding demand for arrest by the International Criminal Court (ICC) of Sudan President Omar al-Bashir and several of his Governments top officials. Does progress in area somehow mitigate ongoing human rights abuses and ignoring the indictment /arrest warrants by the ICC? Undoubtedly the UN and Secretary general do find themselves in an awkward situation with probably no clean solutions. Nonetheless, the rule of law always demands reminder.

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