Sudden old, female fiance dumped in the street

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Atmosphere pre-wedding bridal couple in Shenzhen, China turned into contention after the bride appear eccentric.

NetEase reported a quarrel broke out in the middle of the Dongmen Street, when the bride look like a granny. Instead of following the game that his future bride, groom the shock sent him to change the make-up.

But the bride rejected. She reasoned dress like a grandmother to test the love and loyalty of her future husband when she is old.

While continuing to refuse her future husband, she was crying uncontrollably in the middle of the road. He also watched by passing pedestrians.

Told reporters, she was told to dress up like that to find out if his girlfriend still love her when she was old.

"He was a philanderer and had a lot of girlfriends," she said.

When pressed why it's still hoping to marry her lover, the woman said because "he really treated me very well".

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