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Hello guys! 

Welcome back!

Have you missed me? 
I missed you so much. 

Today I would love to talk with you about friends and friendship. This will be one very relaxed post, and it is going to be very long, so I suggest you to take a cup of coffee or tea, and to enjoy this blog. 

In this blog I will tell you what I personally think about friendships and friends. I will give you some pieces of advice. Of course,t hat is just my opinion, and it is okay if you think differently then me. In case that this blog is not your cup of tea, and that you do not like it at all, just skip it. If you like this blog, let me know that in the comments below. Share your opinion with us. 

Let's make some kind of discussion out of this blog, that would be really great. 

If I do not start with writing about friendships and friends, this blog will least forever.


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How to be a good friend?

If you want to have good friend, you need to be a good friend. 

How? It is not easy at all, you need to put a lot of efforts in that, but at the end you will see that it was worth it.

You need to listen, and to understand. You can not just talk about yourself all the time. Your friend also has some problems, also wants to share something, and you need to be there to listen.

To listen, and to give some good piece of advice, or to help, if you can, even if you can not help, you should give your best to help, because your friend deserve that. 

Support your friends. If your friends wants to do something, you can only support him or her. (of course, if they are doing something totally wrong, you should say that, and yes that is one more thing you should do for your friends. Tell them when something is not good. Tell them when they are wrong.) Now, let's get back to the support.  Support your friends when they are right. No matter if no one else believe in them, no matter if it is not possible, believe in them and support them. 

Be there when they want to laugh. When your friend is happy and wants to share something with you, be there to hear that. And, when your friend wants to cry, be there too. 


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Why friendship is important?

It is important to have someone who is always there for you. Because of that, we all need friends. We all need to listen, and to be listened, to support and to be supported... We need to feel that someone loves us. That is very important. We need to know that we an trust someone, and that someone trusts us. All those things are important, you can live without them, but your life is going to be much better if you have all those things. That is my point. And that is the point of friendship. Give love and other positive things, and get love and other positive things. 


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Who can be friend? 

Actually, everyone can be friend, you do not have to be a good person to be a good friend. All the people have some friends. No matter what you are doing, if you are honest, if you are giving love and support, you are going to be great friends to someone.

For example,a gangster can be great friend and can have many friends, and teacher can be very bad friend. It depends on how much efforts someone puts in that. When I say 'in that', I mean 'in being a good friend'. Give your best people, you have nothing to loose, you just can get some friends. 

There are many people that are doing some not very popular jobs, they seem rude, and they are not very kind, but those people have many friends. If someone is not kid to you that does not mean he is not kind to his friends.  

If someone was not good to you, that does not mean he is not good at all

If you had some bad experience that does not mean he is not good at all. Maybe you two are just totally different. 

And, maybe you are the problem. I mean maybe you were doing something wrong. If many people left you, think about yourself, maybe you are not good, and because of that people do not want to be near you. Think about that. And, you do not have to confess that you are not good, just try to change some things and to be a better person. You will feel better, you will have more friends, you are going to be much happier if you have friends than if you do not have friends. Simple as that.


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Some people do not want to be friends, what is wrong with them? 

Maybe you can not understand those people, maybe you think they are weird, even they are crazy. That is up to you, you can think whatever you want to think. But, do not try to change them, Never. Those people will never change, and at the end you are doing to be disappointed. Just keep living your happy life, and stay away from negative people who are not interested in being friends.

Also, there are some people who want to have friends, but they just do not want to have you as a friend, and that is okay too.  Some people like you, some other people do not like you at all. There are many reasons for disliking someone. Main reason is because he or she is much different than you. It is okay to be different, but if you are too different, you can never be friends. Accept that and keep moving on. 

Who am I to tell you what is right and what is wrong?

I think that some of you now have this question on your minds. I am not sure am I right, that is just my opinion about this. I think that all those things that I have written, and that i am going to write are correct, and that all of them can help you a lot. If you think differently, please share that in comments below, but please, do not insult anyone. 

I think that I am a good friend, and I think that my opinion and my pieces of advice can help to some people here. That is why I am sharing this with you. I am not trying to be smart, and I am not trying to be your fairy. We are just talking about this.


So, this was it for this post. I have much more to tell you about friends, friendships, but if I tell you all those things, this post will be too long. And we do not want that.

If you want I can give you some pieces of advice that are going to help you to cope with fake friends, and with end of friendship.  

That was it for now!

Thank you for reading!

Love you all!




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