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Timor was a Tatar Turk, born in AD 1336. His father was the ruler of small tribe. Timor was still a child when his mother died and his father becomes an ascetic. Timor’s uncle, Barlas became the ruler of tribe.

                Timor grew up as a lonely child and participated in many battles as a young man. In those days, there were several kings in Central Asia and Timor married the daughter of one of them. She was called Oljai. On the death of his father in law Timor tried to rule the country but lost everything in struggle and ran away with his family. He and his wife Oljai travelled without many resources but finally when Timor was thirty four, he became the king of vast area spreading over Samarkand, Bokhara and several other towns and cities in Central Asia. He then started invading other countries of the Islamic World and conquered many of them. He was feared greatly because where his armies went they burnt the cities, killed the male population and took away there women as slaves. Over the next many years Timor destroyed Bagdad, Iran, Turkey and India.

                Timor conquests brought him plenty of wealth and riches. He used these resources for developing the cities of his homeland, especially the Samarkand. That city became one of the most beautiful cities of those times and the most magnificent of all its buildings was the tomb of Oljai. She had died long before the Timor became a king. Timor died many years later in 1405 AD. He was remembered as the scourge of Asia, the terrible Tamerlane.    

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