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Technology has changed our lives, it has effected everything, education, marketing, traveling, manufacturing, writing, record keeping, newspapers, magazines, architecture, art, photography, movie making, communication, sports, construction, destruction, wars, it literally means that technology has effected everything, most of the effects are very good, infect they are great, but there are some bad effects of technology as well.

Technology has motivated students in a great way, 71% of students said technology has improved their class participation, and 95% of students said technology increased their understanding of course concepts, now students can get help from different sources as well.

Technology connects the world like never before, as per February 2012 Facebook reported 845 million active users, as of September 2011 twitter reported 100 million users, YouTube had 490 million users in February 2011, what else technology bring us, some people have done remarkably wonderful by adopting to the new technology, and those who did not understand the change are lacking behind now.

Advances in technology enables students with physical, visual or conative disabilities to easily type, navigate, on screen displays and execute menu commands, alternate keyboards for children with learning disabilities, technology is also helping people with training in their sports, Technology has changed the way athletes train.

Technology is being used to solve the problems of mankind, but it is also causing some Problems.

Technology does have some disadvantages.

The texting epidemic: texting during class 81 to 19 % it is diverting the attention of the students, texting can also be disruptive outside the classroom.

Texting while driving is 8 times more likely to cause accident and 4 times while drunk.

Students are very innovative, technology offers them new ways to cheat as opposed to old school cheating.

A new age of bullying has begun, kids using internet are the main victim, it is said that 1 in 5 kids will be cyberbullied in the near future that could be your friends, your siblings, or even you.

Technology has caused new security threats, gone are the days when robbers used guns and bullets to rob, robbery has changed, now hackers don’t need guns or bullets, they just need a computer and an internet connection to do all this.

Internet is forever, someone said “you can’t take something off internet it is like taking pee out of a pool.”

We have to make sure that we use technology for the good of mankind and ourselves, misuse of technology is not appreciable by any means, we must not misuse a good thing.

Tariq Mehmood Awan

18th December 2013


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