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Alfred Hitchcock. The king of suspense. One of the greatest directors of the 20th century. Well-known for his amazing manner of presentation, making the viewer to remain in suspense until the last moment of the movie. Introduced many new filming tricks, including filming in a way, creating a sense that the viewer is peeping through the keyhole.


The formation of Hitchcock's talent and world perception began in his childhood: he was seriously influences by the figure of his own father - a disciplined, authoritarian person with rigid moral rights, who considered his system of values ​​to be the basic qualities one should aim for. So from his very childhood Hitchcock pondered the theme of guilt, which was widely reflected in his movies. Later on Alfred was sent to study to the St Ignatius' College, where the topic continued developing due to the original system of practicing penalties that the Jesuits applied. A fear to all the forbidden added up to the theme of guilt. Hitchcock himself said that he felt a mad fear of everything - police, Jesuit monks, physical punishment, etc. But some interest appeared together with the fear...


The movies carried Hitchcock away when he was sixteen (at that time those were still silent movies). By the way, he moved to Hollywood when he was already quite a famous filmmaker at his home country - the UK. His first movie (unfortunately, it was not completed due to some financial problems at the studio) was filmed in 1922 - "Number 13 ", his first thriller - in 1926, " The Lodger." And his first well-known movie was "The Man Who Knew Too Much" 1934 edition.


During his career, Hitchcock shot 55 feature films, including "Psycho", "Birds", "North by Northwest", "The Wrong Man", "Vertigo" and many others.




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