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Image edited in credits: Jean Beltran via bitLanders

In line with my previous blog on how to level up your mobile photography and a question asked by @sharon-lopez about the best mobile camera phones for photography, I am making yet another blog post showcasing the best mobile devices for producing great quality images out from a smartphone.

I had apparently laid out before that the photography depends on the person at the back of the camera, also, digital SLR and mobile photography's gap in terms of the quality results have become closer and closer. We wouldn't be astounded if soon enough there will be mobile devices which can already provide the users with the same resolution, the same equivalent image sizes and such as those exhibited by the DSLRs.

Video credits: Recombu via YouTube

Image edited in credits: Jean Beltran via bitLanders

All latest smartphones have been created these days with modern technology adapted to them. As photography enthusiasts ourselves, James and I have been monitoring the numerous devices which are making their way to the podium in terms of camera lenses and picture quality. We have recorded here the freshest ones which are desirable for those who are into mobile snap shooting. Their prices may actually be way too much, you'll break a bone to get one, however, I am not recommending them personally instead, I am just providing you with the list of which has the best of the best camera phones. Soon perhaps I will make another list of those camera phones with affordable prices but with acceptable photo results.

Best Smartphones for Mobile Photography

1. Huawei P20 Pro

Image credits: androidauthority

Just in the market! Huawei's stepping up their game with mobile phones. Their prior devices were already outstanding in terms of photography, I should state the likes of P10 Plus, Mate 10 Pro, and Mate 10 Lite. This brand has been making waves in the past few quarters because of how cool the images are generated. Powered by their Leica camera setup, this is the first ever brand which has provided a triple rear camera! Imagine that! Although it is not yet available in the Philippines, it is one to droll for because of the specs it possesses.

Although this is manufactured in China which is a huge issue to some consumers, it can't be denied that this is giving the smartphone competition a huge chunk percentage in the market consumption. I have friends who have on hand Huawei devices, I even gave one to my father and it produces already decent photographs even for their meager lower versions. And guess what, these users who have been using these devices are making use of their word of mouth to spread the good news about their phones' camera capabilities! There were several instances where their phone results had been confused as shot by a DSLR because of its in-depth camera features.

But since this certain phone is not yet in the Philippines, and by the way, won't be available in the US as well because of course it is from China, I already found some users' photo samples as follows:

Image credits: androidauthority

That three rear cameras enable the device to take photos faster and process low light shots even more! Plus, when shot to produce raw images, it allows post processing to go to a higher level of producing beautiful and high-resolution images. And oh, did I forget that this is the first ever device with a gradient designed back cover?

Okay too much T-ups for Huawei, let's go to the next device.


2. iPhone X

Image credits: trustedreviews

Who wouldn't like to have an iPhone? For me, it is if not the most famous brand is one of the top brands which consumers are likely to consider when purchasing a device unit. Why? Well, thanks to Steve Jobs, the iPhone evolution had made an imprint into the skin of smartphones were in when we talk about quality and high-end functionality, it boils to one brand and that is Apple, for a mobile device, it directs to none other than the iPhone.

According to BMO Capital Markets analyst Tim Long from

“We estimate total iPhone installed base hit 715 million, including 228 million of second-hand devices, in December 2016, with year-on-year growth of 20%,” Long wrote in a research note to investors on Sunday. “We model year-end installed base to grow 13% in [calendar year] 2017 and 9% in [calendar year] 2018. We estimate, by the end of 2018, there will be 300 million second-hand iPhones in use.”

Image credits: trustedreviews

iPhone is the most famous brand of mobile devices in the US and all over the world, thus they also have no reason to stop pursuing their A game in terms of mobile camera specs!

A good camera with an almost full-screen display. The iPhone X has a 12MP wide-angle with ƒ/1.8 aperture and telephoto with ƒ/2.4 aperture, if you are wondering what aperture is, that's basically the depth of the background and the foreground when taking photos. It has an optical and a digital zoom up to 10x! And with these camera features on a water and dust resistance, you can take photos even when raining which creates interesting rain photography, I have always wanted to try.

3. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Image credits: noypigeeks

It's crazy that while I have been looking into the two previous devices, I almost forgot Samsung's own flagship device having almost the same specifications as the iPhone X.

Here, you will also get the infinity display, an almost bezel-less screen, Samsung has been fulfilling this since before. Its front camera has selfie focus, normal selfie and wide selfie for those who are taking group pictures in a selfie setting.

Image credits: digitaltrends

I had tried their test devices in a Samsung Center here in Ayala and boy, I super love the resolution and it's background blur effect when using the live focus with bokeh! I love bokeh, my husband also love bokeh so a phone which creates good bokeh is unquestionably a thumbs up for us! The aperture, by the way, is 1.7! And as usual, they have their auto setting for certain photography situations such as food, Pro which emulates digital SLR settings on a phone, they also have Hyperlapse, Panorama, and Super Slow-mo which supports HD! A wow factor for sure!


Runners Up: Google Pixel 2 and LG V30

Image credits: androidcentral

Image credits: cnet

Again, as mentioned before, these are the top ones if we won't be considering their pricing. If I have the liberty of money, I will definitely order the Huawei P20 Pro but then, both my husband and I don't own any of these devices because we feel that even though they have the best mobile camera specs in this generation, they are too expensive. There are camera gears which can provide the same results but with less monetary damage, however, again, the mobile device and the camera gear themselves have their pros and cons.

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In the future, perhaps we will consider it given that the pricing of these mobile devices are quite affordable which I believe will happen for sure in the near future, I will consider getting one of these because the portability of the mobile phones is one of its edge compared to a DSLR.

Stay tuned for the next blog, I will be sharing my list of affordable mobile devices which produces decent photo results!

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