The BitLanders Film Series to Support Women Empowerment - THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE

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The BitLanders Film Series to Support Women Empowerment - THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE

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Have you read my review of THE HUNGER GAMES? I guess many of you saw this Hollywood film already. If not, read my review of the sequel THE HUNGRY GAMES: CATCHING FIRE, and watch this wonderful movie. In 2012, with tremendous success, the first book to movie adaptation of Suzanne Collins's "THE HUNGER GAMES" was shown to us. Just after a year's break, once again, we had an opportunity to watch a sequel.  Lionsgate Studio found a perfect replacement for Gary Ross, the director of the first part - Francis Lawrence, known from such memorable fantasy films as Constantine or I am Legend and the dramatic film  Water for Elephants.

The fantasy creator director Francis Lawrence invites all heroes of the book and the first movie to find themselves in a dangerous and merciless world dominated by fear and violence, and people forced to fight in bloody fights bringing deaths.

The second part of The Hunger Games trilogy is a smart entertainment movie that is well ahead of the first part of the movie screening.

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The Short Story Of The Movie

Having survived the bloody Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) not only won the victory but also cleverly forced the power of the country to recognize the double victory of her and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson).

Young people returned home with the hope of forgetting forever about everything that they had to endure. To live and rejoice, especially since surviving in the Games are given certain privileges. However, the president of the Capitol is dissatisfied with the effect that has produced on the districts an unexpected double victory of a young couple, pretending to be in love: some citizens saw in the actions of the hot hunter Katniss a call for rebellion against the existing regime.


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It must be said that the fears of the head of state are justified because the heroine is a girl of the most honest values, which completely doesn't hide her emotions. Without wanting to do this, she inspires people for seductive thoughts about freedom of the person and independence, because in the country, killing their children for the fun of the public, with these values are obviously not everything alright.

The things are complicated because Katniss Everdeen has no power to pretend to be madly in love with Peeta, She has a boyfriend in her local district. The miner Gale (Liam Hemsworth) tenderly calls his friend Kisskiss and, unlike Peeta, he does not need to be patronized. However,  according to the scenario of the government, the country must believe in a fairy tale about selfless love. Otherwise, the winners will be in trouble.

In the Panem, full of fears and with growing rebellious mood, the girl becomes a symbol of the uprising formation and hope for a better tomorrow. Katniss is not that very insightful but realizes that her Hungry Games continue: in order to prevent an impending revolution, the organizers of the Games first equip Peeta and Katniss on a tour of the districts.


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The worrying Capitol authorities decide that the best way is to get everything back on track - the lovers Peeta and Katniss will be summoned to the arena once again and, if they succeed, they will get rid of both of them. They are sent again to the arena - to kill and love each other, as in the last time.

By the instructions of the president Snow, the special Hunger Games will be held in the Panem. The winners of the last 25 games will fight for survival together with the winners of last games. And it looks, they are much more powerful than those two teenagers who won a year ago.

And again in the arena, the Katniss must demonstrate courage and second time to win the victory in order to save herself and her loved ones. Unfortunately, it looks like Fortune tends to turn the back to the champions. But does a determined girl humbly reconciles to the inevitable destiny or decides to fight the system to the last breath?

You will find all answers in the dynamic film HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE full of unexpected turns of the storyline, enriched by passions, adventures, and dangers.

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The Content Of The Movie

As usual, I expected the sequels to be worse than its predecessor. To make a better movie than the first part, the director Francis Lawrence put big efforts.  Strangely enough, however, the new filmmaker not only surpassed the first book to movie adaptation but also brought a special style to the film, which ultimately strengthened its overall context.

Like in the first film, the violence which is so skillfully described in the book, is presented very gentle, but this time, the creators tried to show hints of the horror of the Hunger Games arena. It can be said that this is a great step without using tons of red paint. Less blood but more fights and much more effective action that is offsetting the decrease in violence. 

The film itself looks brighter, it keeps you in tension and, most importantly, it does not allow the boredom. The presentation of the story, in the context of the book, has been transported to the big screen in a qualitative way, so the book to movie adaptation went very well.


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The curious story itself also attracts viewers. The specifics, shown during the film, and the author's ideology about the closed societies are very similar to the frameworks of the modern world when certain groups of people create their own principles of life and try to degrade others who do not follow the principles of life they lead. 

Of course, this great idea is expressed in the film a bit gently, but undoubtedly, this provocation is aimed at a younger audience, which can still be influenced by the ingenuity of such a story. Older cinema lovers might just not understand movie schemes, especially those who have not read the book.

Film actors have been given more attention this time. Most prominent in the film is President Snow. His portrayal of a tyrant is rather charming, especially given that he is trying to be humane and pursues his policy in a democratic way.  Although this is just an illusion, is it not true? Many of the countries of our days are is guided by the same priorities.

Also, Gale gets more of the screen time. In the first movie, the character that was shown only for short, this time can even captivate viewers by his presence and create a great competition with Peeta.


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The main characters of the movie play love games again and try to fight in the arena. They are less lucky this time than in the first movie, but it does not disturb us, because it's fun that the creators allow other participants of this adventure to show themselves.

The great advantage of this film is that less attention is paid to the massacre games itself, and the triangle of love (Katniss, Peeta, and her childhood friend Gale) is also being pushed to the second plan. This time the focus is on politics and a burgeoning revolution. In addition, the nature of the games itself changes - there is no longer one against all mood. This time the coalition is taking place, and some sprouts of the confidence in each other.

Stronger direction, better performances and a story that actually feels like it is headed somewhere special. Catching Fire more than lives up to the sky-high hype. - Aaron Peterson, The Hollywood Outsider


For me, in the first arena, there was more tension, I think because the heroes fought and survived alone. The second arena more complex and spectacular, there is a tricky clock system, a lot of danger is at every corner, but because there is a collective of heroes, I lacked a bit a drive and tension of the atmosphere. It looks that the original source of games was lost, this is primarily the killing of each other and not the survival in the jungle in wild conditions.

Going towards the end, the plot starts to slowly get intrigue us, until finally, when it comes to the final scene, we are thankful that everything just began, and a year later we were able to see the penultimate part of this interesting narrative. The powerful finale, and really high-quality work of developers, which undoubtedly is appreciated globally.


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The film "Hungry Games: Catching Fire masterfully plays with perception and absorbed all the best of the literary work, yet not losing the quality of the feature film. The story is brought in gradually, but dramatically.  Personages show new sides of characters that change under the influence of circumstances in such a way that they force spectators to empathize them. Even protagonists have some weaknesses, and the villains all time make intrigues, which are sometimes driven by their cowardly fears for their own bright future.

The Technical Side Of The Movie

It's hard to say something bad about the technical side of the film, because both the atmosphere accompanying the entire movie, the visualization itself, and the layout of the background colors are perfectly fulfilled. A quality work that allowed Panem to be restored from the base of its Capitol to the scene of the arena.

In the visual sense, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is definitely improved and more beautiful to our eyes. Movie cinematography, scenery, and effects look much more quality and surpass the first movie.  Arena, Capitol, and other places look much more refined, pompous, and in general - the film's image is much more in line with my imagination of the dystopian world.

The film's soundtrack also emits only a good spirit of the film, and most importantly, because of the expressiveness of musical compositions, the film receives a certain and distinct individuality. Even after closing the eyes and hearing one or another musical piece of this film, it is easy to recognize from which film the music was taken.


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The work of the operator, as in the first film, made it possible to worry, as the action and characters actions in the arena were filmed with a shaken camera effect, which brings the image closer not only to reality but also to the epicenter of the events itself, when one can feel one of the participants in narrated history.

The sound montage is a bit muted; there is no threat felt to certain action scenes, and the image, in this case, is partly faded, it is difficult for the viewer to convey the full power of the film.

Of course, the montage of the tape itself is unmistakable. It becomes one of the essential engines of the movie. The high-quality scenes make up the one whole, and it forces our eyes to keep on the screen.

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The Collective Work Of Actors

The actors' performance was, as in the first part, very high-quality.


One of the youngest Oscars in the history of cinema, the star of the film and the lead character, Jennifer Lawrence, once again excellently conveys Katniss. Her eyes are so passionate and emotional this time that she overshadows all other characters in her performance. Of course, she is the greatest star of the film, and I think it's almost unnecessary to comment on her performance - a young, beautiful, and extremely talented actress, whose performance does not damage any movie.

Katniss is a very unlikely hero and I think that’s something that people can identify with. You see in a lot of movies a character that is a hero that has this golden rule and this higher calling but for me I feel that Katniss is someone who doesn’t necessarily want the rebellion, she doesn’t really know how to handle her feelings and emotions with the whole situation. So, it’s kind of a stepping out of the normal archetype of characters and I think it’s really interesting for people. - Josh Hutcherson

She succeeded to show her inner experiences, the constant struggle for justice, and the mixed feelings - all that are shown with realism and self-giving.

Jennifer Lawrence is the true heroine of the movie, and she's gorgeous! Nobody could play better than Jennifer. These soft cheeks with a cold, piercing look!

I think Jennifer Lawrence is the best actress of her generation. Yeah, and, in addition, she's cute.


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Talking about Josh Hutcherson, he also coped well with his character, but at some point, unnaturalness was felt in his actions. The most convincing were kisses, though here, apparently, thanks to Jennifer. Many men would like to be in Josh place.

Peeta is in love with Katniss from his childhood. It is difficult to imagine warmer relations. Josh Hutcherson was excellent, he did not pull the blanket on himself, he plays very softly and gently, but at the same time does not cross the line to become the too soft guy.


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Much more of the screen time received both Liam Hemsworth and Donald Sutherland. These two actors perfectly complement the film's overall picture. At the same time, they create a certain negative atmosphere, which even more intrigues and makes you feel the movie.

Second-rate film actors and genuine Hollywood folks like Stanley Tucci, Jeffrey Wright, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Toby Jones, Woody Harrelson, and Elizabeth Banks due to their colorful personages bring a real blow to the film, making it even more effective and more enjoyable to the eyes.

Hunger Games Catching Fire interviews - Lawrence, Hutcherson, Hemsworth, and others - Video credit: geeknationtv via

On The Final Note

THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE is a far superior screening of the well-known book series. It is also a blend of action, drama, fantasy, and utopia, which goes with each step toward the epic movie.

Screening of the second part of the dystopian book trilogy THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE blows all possible financial records. What's more, this is one of the most interesting and visually attracting Hollywood films created in last years.

Although the film is a priority for entertainment, it is nevertheless possible to find a number of references to contemporary society, the critique of capitalism, the current US foreign and domestic policy.


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But most importantly - in the center of Hunger Games is a strong woman's character. Among many films in which various superheroes lead to the fight with evil, and they always are men, or the weak women who wait for the salvation are worshiped, Katniss Everdeen standing firmly on her feet, appears as something new, unexpected, and perhaps even feminist.

Since Catching Fire is the second part of the trilogy, its end is a bit hanging in the air. The sequel we had to wait a year. But the movie is so well done that I felt some eager while waited for the next sequel part. So, next time we will talk about the last part of the trilogy.

The verdict: the continuation that corrects the errors of the first part and, most importantly, awakens the appetite for the next sequels.

You know, looking at the main heroine, I thoughts that in the struggle for life, there is no time to live for her. 

Catching Fire is the rare film that's better than the original book, - Charlie Jane Anders,


My rating: 9/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 89% ( of 100)
Critics average: 89/100
IMDb: 7.5/10

Have fun watching!!!


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