The bitLanders Film Series to Support Women Empowerment: THE HUNGER GAMES

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The bitLanders Film Series" to Support Women Empowerment: THE HUNGER GAMES

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Adventure thriller THE HUNGER GAMESCatching Fire, and two parts of Mockingjay - three movies of the trilogy full of tensions, intrigue, and dangers taking us to the Panem State consisting of twelve Districts. Today, for the Film Series to Support Women Empowerment - the movie THE HUNGER GAMES review

Is it possible to survive in wildlife when rivals try to defeat you?

THE HUNGER GAMES - the phenomenon of teenage literature has been moved to the cinema screens. The advantage of the film is a strong and independent main hero. Writer Suzanne Collins trilogy THE HUNGER GAMES is the series of books becoming the latest world mania for the teens that arose shortly after the reign of Harry Potter (2007). 

The books by writer Suzanne Collins attract a lot of readers' love and attention. The novel of unusual popularity has been translated into 32 languages, including my own. In our country, an American author has lagged behind J.K. Rowling, who has caused a real euphoria, but admirable responses are increasing almost daily. It's an unrealistic and engaging book that changes lives.

when you’re making a film, the book is a huge tool in making the script. Once you have the script, then you’re making a movie and you have to let go of the book. As an actor, I held onto the inner dialogue. But, you do have to let go of the book, when you start making the movie. - JENNIFER LAWRENCE


Having great sales of THE HUNGER GAMES book, the first series of the book received the screening. It succeeded - THE HUNGER GAMES have become one of the most awaited and most successful 2012 cinematic events. With a budget of $ 78 million, the film earned nearly ten times more - $ 700 million in return.

It is a dramatic and dynamic movie about the brutal anti-utopian world of the future and the brave girl, Katniss Everdeen, who dared to challenge this system.

The post-apocalyptic adventure and survival thriller, directed by Gary Ross was nominated for the Oscar award. 

Interesting plot, cool heroine, love triangle, social questions, and adventures - all this is in the first book of the trilogy. And that was great material for screening. And so, the book to movie adaptation THE HUNGER GAMES begin!

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 The Short Story Of The Movie 

The film moves to the dystopian, totalitarian, Panem state founded on former ruins of the North American states. The name of the state is the reference to the Latin saying "Panem et circusenses" that means the bread and games. It defines a society whose citizens are not properly controlled by the government but by giving cruel entertainments that end by death.

There are 12 poor districts governed from the luxury Capitol. Time ago, there was also the 13th district, but after the rebellion against the dispossession of the power of the Capitol, it was destroyed. As a punishment for this uprising, the Capitol announces Hunger Games each year: in each district, a 12-18-year-old boy and girl are selected by lottery. They are sent to participate in a ghastly reality show (to be seen by all Panem residents), in the massacre, of which only one winner has to stay alive.


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The main hero of the film, 16 years old Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) is from the twelfth coal mines district. She is strong, smart and determined because after her father's death she was obliged to feed her family. At the fateful moment when the organizers choose the name of the sister Prim, Katniss took sister's place and became a volunteer for the Hunger Games. Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) is being sent from the Twelfth District to the Games with her.

On arrival in the Capitol, where preparations are underway, it turns out that in order to survive, it is not enough to be stronger than the other 23 youngsters.

THE HUNGER GAMES is a show of reality, and the only way to survive is to please the audience.  Unlike the inhabitants of the districts, this show is great entertainment for residents of the Capitol. After all, only one of 24 participants can win according to the unbreakable Law of Hunger Games. The judges of the games do not care who wins. There, the main thing is a wonderful spectacle. And this time, the spectacle will be unforgettable.


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The Content Of The Movie

S. Collins states that the idea of writing this book she got through the switching of television channels: a reality show was shown in one, a report on the Iraq war on the other. This combination raised anxiety, and the idea of the trilogy came to the mind. Later, it became the most readable book. I have read that fans of the book found references to Greek myths, the management of the Roman Empire, issues of combating oppression, and personal independence. Without reading the books, it's hard to judge how true these insights are, but in the film, any more serious themes are a bit superficial. 

More attention in the film is given to interior details, key actors' costumes, hairstyles, showcase elements, not a development of an idea.


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First of all, THE HUNGER GAMES is designed for teenagers. And we can feel it. But this does not detract important issues and ideas of the film. The sharp questions raised in the movie are relevant in our days. The movie turned out to be really serious, spectacular, entertaining and matured as much as it is possible in a movie for teenagers.

Gary Ross managed to correctly focus the accents and move the main story plot to the screen. The film almost follows the text of the book, which, of course, is a plus. Directing is great - the film looks like a holistic and complete, unified artwork. But, above all, THE HUNGER GAMES is good for its plot and central heroine.

At the very beginning of the tape, heroes talk about their lives and the fact that the state does not care about its citizens at all, creates only an illusion aimed at getting benefits and entertainment. In such conditions of the growing crisis, popular uproar, universal dissatisfaction with people's lives is always a symbol. At first, this symbol became a small brooch that Katniss Everdeen kept all the time in the arena. Then Katniss herself became a symbol of freedom when she set the conditions for the Capitol. 


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Then people realized that there is an opportunity not to live in constant fear and hunger; there is an opportunity not to give away their children annually for the fun of the descended public of the Capitol.

Fiery Katniss inspired hope in their hearts. That is the essence of THE HUNGER GAMES. This is not a game of survival; it is a manifesto of freedom.

But somehow THE HUNGER GAMES lowlights the point of hunger - it is stated that poverty is prevalent in districts, but there is no shock to those that have come to the Capitol from the districts to participate in the Games. The film does not highlight the gap between the Capitol and districts, the unequal distribution of wealth.

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 Fearing the age limit for the young viewers, filmmakers creating the movie where the center should be the reality show becoming a true massacre, decided to show violent scenes in such a way that the audience would not feel any tense. 

On the other hand, THE HUNGER GAMES is a great qualitative leap forward in shaping the character of the main hero. Although the film does not provide enough tools for a critique of society, at least it gives a hero who is active, determined, and self-sufficient and is aiming for the goal instead of being powerless until best guy rescues her.

The arena where the games take place is not a simple field. Armed with unlimited technology, the Capitol created a special arena of everything from forest and desert to arctic landscapes. The government can control the weather, the climate during the games. All of this is filmed and featured on Panem's entertainment television. These games are the Capitol's way of controlling society through fear. The game sends a message: Here is what we can do. We can take your children and force them to kill each other until you are watching it all. And you cannot stop us. 

Despite the lack of blood, guts, and other charms of the bloody rating, the viewer is made to feel the most important - the fear of the players, the struggle for life - a real struggle, where every sigh may become the last.


Episode from THE HUNGER GAMES  -

Psychological pressure is felt immediately, from the very first film episodes: how nervily Katniss hugs her younger sister Prim, and how her eyes fade when the train approaches the Capitol of Panem and then lights up again because her spirit is rebellious. And she is ready to fight. Pressure is felt from the first steps of the main heroine on the green grass of the arena. It is felt through her desperate fighting, and with a constrained crying over her friend's body.

THE HUNGER GAMES did not allow getting bored even for a minute, which was also facilitated by excellent decorations, a relevant political satire, a social subtext, live dialogues, and excellent play of actors.

The Technical Side Of The Movie 

The visual work is honed and polished, filming in nature is fascinating. Due to skillful filming, we feel compassion to the personages even if we do not see a river of blood.  Although, even if I am not at all supporter of tightening any fight to the state of bloody rivers, but in the case of THE HUNGER GAMES, censored evasion is too much.

We can only guess for what they have spent on the $ 100 million budget. The frames of the Capitol are created on the computer, and all the forest scenes were filmed, it seems, on the same site. In THE HUNGER GAMES, there is no stunning computer graphics, crazy special effects, massive battle scenes. But thanks to the main character of the picture, I want to forgive this. The director well managed the close-ups shots. The artist also has put much effort to create an attractive view.


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The work of sound director deserves special attention. The soundtrack is attracting attention. The muted and increased sounds and correctly selected musical tracks create their small atmosphere, sufficient for the depressed atmosphere at the beginning, crazy in the middle, and the adventure active at the end. It's nice to listen to the work of a professional. James Newton Howard worked very well. No pathos, all the musical themes are good and accurately emphasize the action.

And I want to praise a perfect makeup and wonderful spec effects too. Pathetic images and costumes, interesting and diverse delighted my eyes. Special effects, directing, unusual camera shooting were at a high level.

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The Collective Work Of The Actors

Actors played a significant role in the mature and holistic perception of the film. Casting in THE HUNGER GAMES was simply wonderful, if not ideal. The game of actors has become the main adornment of the film; all the rest just blink on the background of it.

JENNIFER LAWRENCE in a role of Katniss Everdeen

Hero's name is Katniss Everdeen. Jennifer Lawrence performs this role.

Katniss is a true fighter, smart, prudent, great shooter. These qualities allow her to seek a victory in the Hunger Games. But she will have to choose between the wish to survive and humanity, between victory and love.


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Katniss is one of the strongest characters shown in the films of last years. She is smart and wise. Her hunting skills give her an edge over other victims in the game. She can hunt food for herself. She knows which plants are not dangerous to eat. She knows what she needs to stay alive. She is not soft and overly sensitive but vice versa - cool. Nevertheless, she does not lose humanity. 

Working with Jennifer was unlike any experience I’ve had before as an actor — she is so in the moment - Josh Hutcheson


It is clearly seen in this movie that Jennifer Lawrence will be a star. Actually, she already is, and it’s due to her unquestionable talent, charisma, and inner strength that boiled through the movie She is truly alive and so interesting to watch her performance. The actress not only plays perfectly but also mysteriously looks at 16 in her 21.

The performance of Jennifer Lawrence is convincing until the very last episode. This girl is the biggest finding of THE HUNGER GAMES. It's hard to imagine someone else in this role. I loved her in this role. 

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JOSH HUTCHESON in a role of  Pete Mellark

 Josh Hutcheson - Pete Mellark, is already known to me for the films Bridge to Terabithia and Travel to the Earth Center, where he was still playing a boy, but even then he already opened his potential. As an actor, I liked him. His dedication and how he got used to the role is just a delightful emotional game that literally reflected on his face. He looks cute, charming, and kind boy.


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Other Actors

Liam Hemsworth was for me an unknown one, although his producers estimated his talents and have already been preparing for him other roles in few films. Hemsworth was given too little screen time.

Very bright are Elizabeth Banks, whose eccentric Effie we remember for a long time, and Woody Harrelson, whose career is going through a second climb. Donald Sutherland was wonderful in his performance and energy. Stanley Tucci was great in the role of the main host of games. All of them, together with good directing and new bright story are giving more than two hours of interesting cinematic spectacle.

ON The Final Note

THE HUNGER GAMES- the mind-blowing trilogy that combines action, love, hatred, and betrayal.

The main advantage of THE HUNGER GAMES is a wide audience, concentrated on the movie because of the book trilogy and a wide range of TV reality shows. This means that not only adolescent girls will be interested in the sharp, tense, epic movie

As expected, the first viewer of the movie Suzanne Collins wrote a review full of praises. Self-confident producers said the whole world will watch THE HUNGER GAMES. But only the spectators who bought tickets decided that now we have the sequels in our cinema repertoires.


Josh Hutcherson, Jennifer Lawrence, and Liam Hemsworth at an event for The Hunger Games - Photo credit:

Hollywood film THE HUNGER GAMES is an intriguing story full of deceit, changes, shocks, and actions that make the film to watch to the end. Not only that. The film does not endorse war and violence, leaving deep wounds, and it is well shown in the movie.

The film also makes us wonder about the TV reality shows full of voyeurism. How false is to enjoy the suffering of other people. Everything is done to make the audience enjoy the game.

This is a film whose teenage cover hides its mature essence. THE HUNGER GAMES is a great book to movie adaptation with a correctly, well-formed narrative, the strong idea at the core, and an interesting central character, which marks the struggle with injustice.

 It adds up to an intelligent, reasonably well-made first installment that leaves us primed for Katniss' future adventures. - Kristian M. Lin, Fort Worth Weekly


My rating: 8.5/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 84% ( of 100)
Critics average: 81/100
IMDb: 7.2/10

Have fun watching!!!


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