The Culture of Steemit: The Good and The Bad

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So I've been hanging around Steemit more and because of some comments between AdGoggleKo and I at that site, I decided to write a blog about what Steemit is propagating as its culture. If you'd like to know what Steemit is, please read my other blog posts first to know more about the terms I am using in this article.


If you've already read them then let's go on with the topic shall we. I will start with the bad points first and then the good points last. 

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♣     The Bad in Steemit     ♣

We all know that there's always two sides in every coin, there is always the good side and the bad side in everyone of us. Aside from  people, things also have good and bad effects. Websites are also not exempt from this.

Apart from what I discussed in my previous blogs regarding the website, I have something else to add to it.

I have said before that being a newbie in that site (1) makes one become used to suck-upping, bootlicking or kowtowing, whether subtlely or not.

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It's been 148 days since I joined that site and guess what? I'm spending a bit more time there and finding out how the current system works for maximum earnings. 

Aside from writing/working, hoping and praying to get big upvotes (for more money), (2) you need to be someone with ADHD there in order for them big ones to notice you and "hopefully" upvote you big time. 

Those two are the main culture thing that is so ripe in Steemit.


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The big shots there don't need to go through this newbie phase because they are the ones doling out the money by either upvoting your posts or when you win a contest. They are the ones in "power" so they are the ones to kowtow to. If you're not one to make sipsip like we call it then be KSP (Kulang sa Pansin = someone who needs attention thus ADD/ADHD). Go and do your best to get their attention as best you can and pray for a big upvote.

Never have I ever subjected myself to such in real life until Steemit came along. Wow now I know how to do it. Am not an expert at it yet but hey who's perfect? I do more of the KSP/ADHD activity there though rather than the sipsip actions. 

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The Steemit overlords will decide who to upvote and downvote or flag of course. If they like your post you can earn thousands of pesos or more than a hundred dollars in one post. If they like it a bit then you get a few cents or some dollars worth in the long run but still a good amount of SBD. Bad news though if you are upvoted by a big fish with a substantial amount, the curation trails will not upvote you anymore or vice versa. How then will any Steemit member's post get to the trending page naturally? And there are other and "older" Steemian people who are against bid bots? Aren't they aware why those are preferred by newbies in the first place?

Psychologically, the site may not be good for people who always crave for approval from other people. If you are one of them, please remember this: 

steemit_is_bad_for_you(Photo credit: Winston Churchill via


It is your choice what you do in Steemit. If your purpose in using the site is to earn big money fast through your quality long posts, then be prepared to kowtow to those with big wallets or start having ADD/ADHD symptoms. Some people may hate you for it though so be warned.

If you find another way to earn big there then do it. Promote your posts outside of Steemit too why don't you? I don't do that, I promote Bitlanders more, but do what you like on there.

They have no censorship whatsoever but members complain of site abuse by the big fishes. Hah. Anyway, good thing I have the NSFW filter on.

Yes those statements of mine are worth quoting. Hahaha. 

Another thing is, it's the same in the real world, if you have a lot of money or Steem Power in Steemit you get to do a lot of things that newbies cannot do. You can create a community with a lot of followers like us newbies/minnows (newbies can create communities too of course) or you can engage in flag wars and "policing" the spammy people on Steemit because you have more influence and power.

Here's an example for you, these people have invested a lot of money on Steemit and look what they are doing. Don't take sides ok, just watch it to know what it's like. Spamming happens everywhere, don't be one of them spammers.

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If you have that much influence then try to spread more goodness on the platform or anywhere rather than just earning money for yourself or others.




♥     The Good in Steemit     ♥

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On the other side of the fence of course is the benefit of being on Steemit. Aside from what I already discussed in my previous blogs, the best part of Steemit is being in a community and furthering a cause to support. 

If you are humanitarian by nature or an environmentalist and have a good cause to rally then you can find like minded people there too. It's an amalgam of the world so you will definitely find someone with the same interests as you.


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You can bring awareness to thousands of people who are money hungry by posting and writing about the causes you support. If you want to bring more tourists to your country to help the economy, you can write travel posts. If you'd like people to be vegetarian then post the benefits of it or food recipes etc. In case you are an environmentalist too, you can post about activities that can be done to help the environment, educate people on the importance of some sea creatures in saving the world etc. They may or may not have a change of heart but at least we tried.

If you have enough money, you can promote your posts and your causes there too, all you have to do is spend money/SBD/Steem to get to the trending page. Use bid bots  and resteem bots and you are sure to find lots of people opening that post of yours and hopefully reading it too. That is the good way of using bid/resteem bots on Steemit. Promote a good cause and help save the world!

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Steemit is a social earning website so put it to good use and make sure to join good communities and work together for the greater good. :) This was the same good example set by Bitlanders before so I hope in the future other earning websites will not be just about the money but also be charitable and be able to move forward good causes for the good of everyone.


 * * * * * * * * * *


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Should you join and keep on writing for a site like Steemit? Depends on what kind of person you are. If you are not much into marketing, programming or sales then maybe you will not like it. But if your need for money is stronger and you don't know where else to go to earn extra money then you will more likely stay and keep using the site.

I am there because I'm getting money off of it even if it's not enough so why not? There are worse things than that site so if you want to fight on the good side then do it like the bad guys do it. Hahaha. I have my own "dastardly" plans, let's see if I can make use of it for the better. 

I'll leave you with some good tips from another Steemit user. Whether you're a big shot on Steemit or just starting out, this will give you an idea what the site is like and you can decide further how you can be a force of good online.


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