The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

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There were wife and husband live a happy life and the wife delivered a baby and the husband was really happy about that child after that the husband was a way for work when he came back home with happiness he found the child like a monster he was really ugly and strange baby the husband took the child went off home and kept running in streets under the rain and the dark and then he found a house. The house was lighting and there were chatter people it was a really painful moment when he made his decision to get rid of that baby!

He put the child on the house's stairs and then kept running backing home. The family was a black race family and nice family as well. The man of the house found the child n that too damn bad night full of dark, cold and rain, then he got home and then it was really surprising thing for the whole family they decided to raise that baby and they were ok with the strange case of that child.

Well actually it was Benjamin Button as they named him the idea of the movie not the strange case, but I see it the opposite case of life. Cause that child born about 100 years old and he was growing back.

He was sick and old and then he liked his friend as a child and she was a child too.

She kept growing older and he kept growing younger till they met in the middle of the age she were around 30 and he was around 40 and it was an amazing relationship and then she kept growing older and he kept growing younger and at the end of the movie the best scene when she was holding him as a babe 5 years old and she was liked 60 years old.

It was amazing movie I liked it and you have to watch such a movie.                                                


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