The difference between a Teaser and Trailer

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One of the important ways to promote a feature film, a short film, a music video, even plays for theater are the teasers and trailers. In this occasion I want to explain a little bit about what is each one of this tools.

Ok, what do we know about trailers and teasers? They are videos to show a little piece or promote something, but they are never a complete work. (There´s some exceptions in trailers film festivals).

The teaser is a short video or sometimes a long video that presents a part of a movie. Most of the times this video is made to show how it´s going to be a cinematographic work when it´s not make yet. In teasers is not necessary to show everything about a movie or the entire conflict, and depending on the project, you can present characters, environment, sound design, color, production design, camera style, etc. Usually they are extremely short and they can be just graphics or anything that a producer or director want to show as a sample of the work in order to generate interest of the audience or look for investors or new alliances to make the project.

In the other side, the trailer is a video that shows the complete movie, I mean, usually trailers are made when the movie is already filmed and they show us the characters, the main conflict, the style, production design and everything that we need to know to watch the entire film. 

Here I want to show you an example about a short film where I made the art direction, the short film is called "HAMBRE" and it´s directed by Carlo Sanchez and Carlos Leiva.




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