The Dracula Untold Stories

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Last Wednesday, October 15, 2014 was a great and fine day for me and my special love one as we celebrate his birthday together alone. No one else but only the two of us. We agreed that we will have lunch first before watching the movie we have waited to be shown in cinemas. As we have the same love and likes. We watched " Dracula Untold Stories" of Luke Evans. He is a good actor and he performs well. The movie was so great and we are happy that we have watched it in the first shown day in cinemas here in our place. I also understand now that Dracula was not really bad at all. He have choose to be cursed for the love to his people and family especially to his only son. He sacrifice his being human for 3 days just to gain the power he needed to defeat the Sultan and his armies but sadly his cursed was bound to eternity when the sultan has succeed in capturing his son and destroy his people. In order to get back his son from the sultan and take revenge his wife tells him to drink her blood and sacrifice herself so he can still have his powers. It was a good and nice movie and we love it.