The Entities

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The Entities

Have you ever experienced being watched but when you turn, you see nothing? And when you go back to what you are doing after deeming that it was just nothing, you’ll feel that same feeling of again being watched, and when you turn for the second time, you’ll still see nothing? Goosebumps will creep on your skin; your heartbeat will pick up speed.

You are working on something and your companion is yourself alone. You are aware that no one but you is inside that room. But then suddenly, you’ll feel someone touching your nape. And when you turn around, thinking that someone was pulling a prank on you, you’ll find no one. You’ll call out for whoever it was you thought was fooling around to come out and stop it but you’ll receive no response. You’ll go back to what you are doing and the same thing will happen again. Your heart will quicken its pace and the hairs on your skin will rise.

Have you experienced those things? I do. And until now, it still is happening to me. Do you think those are the works of the entities that live with us, only that we can’t see them?


Original Author: Moreen (Vampie-Rin)
First Posted: Here
Image Credit: deviantArt (Creative Commons)

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