The International Independent Music and the Showbiz

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While working in the subtitling industry, I have faced many TV Shows including tracks from the international independent music. If you think of series like "Cold Case" or "Grey's Anatomy" (one of the toughest TV shows to be translated into Italian, by the way, due to the medical gergo used by the main characters), the music has a key role in many shots and scenes, it is not just a background. The episodes titles of "Grey's Anatomy, for instance, refer all to song titles. "Winning a Battle, Losing the War" (season 1, episode 3) is a song by King of Convenience, an indie folk-pop duo from Bergen, Norway, that at the beginning of 2001 released their first album "Quiet Is the New Loud", introducing a genre labelled "New folk". Maybe too soon the press welcomed them as the new Simon & Garfunkel, but anyway they gave their contribution to the international music with two or three other very good albums. Even if you do not hear that song in the episode, its impact is very strong since it's the title of the episode itself. On Cold Case, during the flashbacks, you can listen to some of the most famous songs of the period in which take place  the facts relating to the murder, so it's really a joy for the viewer to listen to these songs or discover new ones. Sometimes the songs help the TV Shows to get more audience, sometimes it happens vice-versa: I actually started watching "Cold Case" because of the good songs you can listen to!


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