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NYC. July. It's hot. Africa hot. So when Karen suggested meeting up for coffee I thought she had lost her mind. Turns out she had designs on catching a movie so why not meet up with yours truly since she was going to be in  the area a bit early. 

I didn' t drink coffee. It's seriously way too hot. It's the kind of hot where after hiding out in an air conditioned store for forty minutes and step outside you know what a melting ice cube feels like when it gets tossed onto the sidewalk. Anywho...

The gang has started filming season 2 of SasketchShow and when I asked about the direction that they would be going in she replied,"Expect bigger risks in the second season. We jump head first into some of these sketches. No one is safe this season! I've personally been working on some spoofs and parodies...Reality TV has gone bonkers and it's a writers goldmine.'

Zach Miko and I are working on a couple of 'the Dreamstalks' songs which we promise will be even more expressive as well as terrifying for the kids to listen to than our first 'hit', When I Grow Up'.

Sounds like a lot is going on! I asked about what she's been doing with this time off from Sasketch Show

'I recently had the opportunity to work with friend and fellow comedic writer, Sketkh Williams on his webseries, Bill Lowe: The Pillow. '

'I've also been cast in a new comedic webseries, Just Super. It's written by Alan Kistler and Mary Beth Walsh and also starring Rebecca Kopec, Jesi Mullins and Paul Guyet. We recently filmed the trailer and expect incredibly funny things from these actors and writers!'


"I can't wait for the Season 2 of Sasketch Show to come out! August 19th people!! Oh man, that's a month away. I gotta go write! Happy Summer, stay cool and see you next season!"


Wait? Bombshell!!! 



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