The love/hate duality of filmmakers

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As a filmmaker in the years that I´m working as a professional I started to discover something that is not new in this job. I'm talking about the two worlds in which we must move to live, for one side we have cinema and in the other side is all the publicitary world.

In order to that is easy to hear from my own or from another friends that we "hate publicity", but this is just a way to say it and should only be heard as non sence words that we shout when we are really tired and we want to advance with our personal projects. In this area we can find a lot of jobs that we used to make in different areas, but I´m talking mostly about external jobs related to the classic "Publicity agency" that contracts a production company to develop something.

The fact is, that in my case, there´s that contact with agency because as a Storyboard artist, I´m in the middle of the two parts and I should make a lot of work very fast, and it doesn´t matter for the agency people, they used to ask for several changes in a reduced space of time and that makes me mad. There´s another cases when you are in the publicity production process and there, the fact is that you are always doing the same. The most commented words that we used to hear from technicals is "this work is always the same".

And in the other side we have the cinema movies, there´s two ways of deal with this, for one side you work as a production support in somebody else production or in a big movie production as another member of the crew. And in the other side there´s the chance of develop you own projects.

In the first case you have the nice feeling of being working in the team of movies that have a good chance to be screened on cinema and also you get the experience from older filmmakers that are always making films. This is always something good, but I really prefer the second option. I´m talking about to develop my own projects and in some way try to look for my own production ways(of course with a team), sometimes this is very slow, but in some way it finally works.

My main conclusion about this is really simple, I love all this ways and the reason is really simple, I deeply feel that this is what makes me happy. Like in any job, sometimes you hate some moments and in other times you feel deeply connected with the things that you are doing. I have some preferences with my own works, because they use a big part of my mind, but I need to pay the rent and all the things that I need, so, the better thing I can do in order to that is work hard in some external productions.

And there´s an important thing that is really clear in my mind and also in the heads of my closer friends/colleagues, we are really lucky to have this work, I deeply feel that this is one of most beautiful works of the world.   



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