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If you are person who loves and enjoy watching dimensional travels then I'm pretty sure that you will enjoy this movie entitled, "Parallels". The movie is called Parallels because the characters will mysteriously travel from different "Parallel Universe".

For those who does not have any idea about the parallel universe, theorist claims that beside our world, there are many other multiple copies of our world that also exists. This means that there are many other copies of "You" that also exists and probably lives a different way of lives on their own respective worlds.

On this movie, the characters who were in search of their father came into an old abandoned building. Suddenly, a triggering alarm caused the building to close its main entrance trapping them inside for just a few minutes. When the door opened, the characters immediately went out and find themselves at a different and strange world.

Thanks to the mysterious Asian girl who joined the group and explained everything to them.

Is Parallels Movie Good or Bad?

The film do have a very interesting plot. I actually thought that this is probably another rip-off movie taken from other dimensional travel movies but it's not.

From the beginning, mysteries immediately started to circulate. As it goes on, more mysteries are unexpectedly involved. This made me stuck on my sit and well focused on watching the movie. Thus, I rated this aspect of the movie as "Good".

However, I also rated the movie "Bad" just because of the ending. The movie had ended with a lot of unsolved mysteries. I'm actually left there hanging with my wide-mouth open. I was asking for more that I even watched the entire ending-credits in the hope that there was a short scene that can at least clear some things out. But, there was none!

Overall, Parallels (2015) movie is a good film to watch but you will end up asking for the second part which isn't clear yet if there will be one.

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