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Models WebTV along with the Film Annex Network, the online film distribution platform, have a very exciting opportunity to promote the fashion film content of VOLT Magazine, a leading fashion publication based out of London. To date 16 films have been uploaded to the Volt WebTV. The selection of content includes fashion films, photo editorial behind the scenes, and an exclusive music video starring the Bloom Twins, Anna and Sonya Kupriienko whose behind the scenes video and original song is a "teaser" for their editorial spread in the just released VOLT Issue 13

The leading fashion photographers, filmmakers, directors, and writers are contributing highly original content, united in their desire for creativity and authenticity for VOLT Magazine. The oversized and very collectible publication is printed "twice yearly, is unbound, on organic recycled B1 size paper using vegetable based ink and hand folded by 10 people over 3 weeks. Volt magazine is a labour of love." 

Along with the physical publication the team at VOLT has revamped their online presence with VOLT CAFÉ. The website provides an immensely user friendly and engaging environment for the online viewer to navigate through. "Volt magazine has always been very image-led and we strive to maintain the same high quality on Volt Café. Volt Café endeavours to bring you features and interviews with established fashion designers, artists and filmmakers – but equally as important we believe that young talent is the future. Thus the section Volt Introduces is dedicated to highlighting young creativity." 

We're of course thrilled that VOLT jumped on board with our film distribution platform as another opportunity and avenue to reach an audience that is mad for beautifully created content. My goal is to make the Fashion as Art, and/or Art as Fashion keywords VOLT's when searched on Google. So keep your eyes on Google page 1. A few more weeks and they will own these keywords! They deserve to!

To finish we're excited to get our hands on Issue 13 when it hits the stands very soon in New York City. To be the first platform to exclusively showcase "BLOOM" was an honor, for which we'd like to thank Rui Faria and the VOLT team!  

Watch the Noëmie Bottiau directed Fashion Film "Bloom":


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