the only woman of the village

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  as you know in afghanistan living conditions is difficult. the problems in  village living are further than city .the most of these problems are bearing of the women,woman of the village make everything from nothing,for please the husband and for make happy her childrens.when she is a girl in her family she isn't allowed to go to school , not allowed to  wear her own tact,and she can't go her favorite places for recreation.she should be at home and doing the house works,and should waiting for her prince.when the time come ,she can't do anything, for self and can't decide to her self. she isn't allowed to comment about her getting engage, she should marry without the her agreement and under the legal as hard as possible, to have bread to eat. some women in village have the worst life, even up to suicide,those reasons are,age differences, domestic violence and mother in law........ ,the little bride    of the village isn't able to rear the children and send them to school for education and they will train   in alley. if the women of village had knowledge never accepting cruelty,never accepting misbegots, never accepting living far the community in dark home,and never accepting be far from own rights, she will combats with her knowledge, woman is human and don't violence againts woman.




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MELODY is a 12th class student of EQBAL school in Herat.interests to writing .

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