The place where you can buy products from 90% to 100% with your LP

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Colibri Plaza is a company operating in two richest markets in this era: advertising and e-commerce.

The concept of Colibri Plaza is simple and effective.

As for the market redeem for ads, statistics reveal an important fact: nobody attends more advertising spots wherever they are sent.

Colibri Plaza have found the solution and put it into practice.
 To the question: would you be interested to see a few commercials a week and receive in return a value of 20 euro? 100% of the responses has been YES!
100% of the members of Colibri they earn every week worth 20 Loyalty Point7 ColibriCoin worth € 20,00. The total duration of the commercials week at this time is about 2 minutes.

NOT MANDATORY but through this action marketing affiliates can use those points as currency in our internal Business Center where the discount on products and services offered by companies can be paid in part, using just the Loyalty Point (LP) or ColibriCoin ( CC).
Each LP / CC has the value of 1 euro in the ecommerce platform and can be used correctly by our licensees Prosumer also for the purchase of the package member.

You Prosumer Gold receives from the activity of marketing publicity only ColibriCoin and as well as having a value of 1 euro in Colibri, also has real value as a bargaining chip in any currencies: euro, dollar, pound ..
Its initial value on the money market was € 0.068 on September 15, this value changes in relation to upward evolution World ColibriPlaza.
The ColibriCoin can be changed in real money and sent on any bank account; They can be used correctly for any purchase inside the area commerce, and for the purchase of license Prosumer.
They are able to take exchanged in ColibriCoin Exchange

Example: if a pair of shoes on the market costs € 100.00, in our Business Center to the franchisee can buy at a discount and the discount payable with ColibriCoin eg: € 70.00 + 20 ColibriCoin.
Discounts may be up to 50-70%.
This kind of offer attracts the customer to purchase a product or service, the customer loyalty Colibriano.

A little 'as the service offered by Groupon but without removing the gain to the activity that will be the only one to set the price, or for individuals with the service offered by eBay, but with one major difference:
whenever that happens in our community a purchase, part of the cost of the product is turned over to the network earning him a commission in euro.
In short, through the commercials associated receives a coin to increase its purchase value, the advertising is effective and penetrating, so you are motivated to sell and motivated to purchase through the deep discounts offered.

 The various areas of Colibri:

Colibri ENTERPRISES The place where you can advertise your business with photos, text and video, a map to be reached, the services offered.

Colibri OFFERS The place where the activities in the area Businesses can to sell their products and services both to members of the hummingbird is for internet surfers.
The deals follow the pattern groupon, but with a difference sostanzilae, to not lose 90% of collection service on the product sold, but rather only a 10%.

Colibri CLUB The place where you can buy products from 90% to 100% with your LP. An area that will take more and more importance for you and your associates. An innovation that nowhere else you can find.

Colibri PLAZA
A place where you will find quality products at unbeatable prices.
Your LP will further reduce the cost of the products present.

Colibri STORE
A platform where you will find the products you usually find in supermarkets, from household products, personal hygiene to be as high as those for the care of your pets.


A coin virtual where its owner has a real value and increasing over time and cumulative only if its marketing activities.
Thousands of people already are building up and using the Colibri Miner


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