The Planet Of My Dream

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I don't know why, but out of nowhere, while listening the pianist Alexander Mahnev, I caught myself on thinking about "lost" people. A minor note evoke some part of my subconscious; and I started to think over and over about peoples, nations, problems between them. And, of course this world is not an ideal one, our planet is far from the heaven. But what if we could change it. Let's just dream about "my ideal planet" for a second.


Poor people, not necessarily silly, have absolutely no material value for some reasons. Maybe such individuals denied the stereotypes of modern life in order to save their mental freedom? There is a wide variety of people who live outside on the streets, homeless. How many of them, valuable and truly interesting godforsaken mathematics, physics and artists, do invisibly exist, even when we physically see them every day. I wish I knew their true desires, which could be possible if only we eliminated the use of money, if we eliminated poverty... Folks would change their mindset, their focus, motivating themselves to develop their naturally given them talents. The level of common development would be advanced due to obvious factors. No more respect according to wealth. Only your professional skills would matter. Many things would be handled between people without too much outside interference. No more silly I-love-you-baby songs stuck in my head, no more serial killers, no more suicides! No more taxes, bills, debts in our life. Mastering ourselves we would become heroes in the public eye. We would explore space faster, reduce the waste of resources and increase the level of education! We would, if everybody could do what he likes!

Today music forced me to think over my life. And I am convinced of the objective necessity for change. Since the present moment I am going to contribute myself to art. Living in poverty, at least, I will be able to keep my heart and soul immaculate. If you don't want to be a slave of your own stereotypes - change your way of living with me! Do what you were made for, and master it. Physical hunger is not as severe as mental one. And these are not my words of wisdom. I care of "my fairy tales" that are above my physical existence, in which I am devastated with a pile of "green dead presidents" in my pocket! Today I decided not to watch debates or commercial on TV, but uplifting news about those, whose talent benefits society. I want to see the best miner, the safest driver, or the fastest cleaner on my TV. I want to be proud of my nation of the highest moral character. I want to make the first step towards "my ideal planet".

He is always here, this old artist is on "his spot" every day. You pass him by every now and then, while walking straight to your office. He is dead poor, but he was born to draw, his soul consists of a vast number of different colors.



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