The possession movie review . (horror review series pt1)

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Hello friends today i am gonna start new horror movie review series in which i will give reviews of horror movies daily. supernatural horror or slasher movie lover are welcomed to read my short review before watching the movie. 

Today i will review a supernatural horror movie named The Possession .

This movie is released on 31 of august 2012, and this movie was directed by Ole Bornedal. its running time is 92 minutes. and produced by sam raimi .

The story of this movie is basically based on the haunted dybukk box. This box was presented to be haunted by ancient jewish demon.  

Newly separated couple have 2 childeren. one of his daughter buy an old dybukk box which creates the whole drama.  watch the movie then you will find how the girl is haunted by the box and how his father do struggle to get rid of box ghost out of his child, the child was possessed by the demon of a old box. 

My Ratings :

Scary : 2.5/5

creepy: 2/5



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